Our Services

Online Mail

PlumCloud Online Mail offers you the possibility to use state-of-the-art software and hardware configurations without having to incur huge costs to purchase licences, dedicated hardware as well as maintenance and running costs. Invest your money in your business and let PlumCloud take care of your email requirements with professional and technical experts supporting your email service. With the pay-as-you go option you can choose a plan which bests fits your business requirements and pay a monthly fee to cover the costs.

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Online Backup

PlumCloud Online Backup is a cross-platform backup and disaster recovery solution with built-in offsite replication, designed for both physical and virtual environments. It provides comprehensive and ef´Čücient, image-level backups, as well as application-consistent protection for Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange, and SharePoint among others.

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Online File Sync

Traditional file servers, VPNs and email attachments are fading out and businesses are realigning and adopting innovative file sharing and collaboration solutions to ease file management and improve overall business productivity. Business today is mobile, it’s not confined by offices or time zones and users are spread across the globe requiring access to up-to-date content of their files from multiple remote locations. A cross-platform and high performance cloud-based file sharing solution that just works 'out of the box' enabling users to sync, share and collaborate on corporate data securely.

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